Sole Professional

Sole Professional

Enchance your work with accuracy

SOLE Professional is highly interactive survey and planning software, it is the only software that cover all the survey & planning requirement like contour, traverse, road design , route survey, topographical survey, revenue survey, mining, city survey, railways, canal, airfield runways, Pipeline etc. It is a completely new generation program that use modern programming tools and planning techniques. The modern code and the evolved structure of the program guarantee the development during time and the exploitation of each new technology which will become available in the future. A well-designed interface and comprehensive feature bring out the entire job instantly with some clicks.


  • Template based survey software with traverse & contour.
  • Work on verity of survey data without any limit.
  • Draw smooth contour at user defines interval. The speed & smoothness are never before.
  • Draw customized DTM Plan on user defines preference.
  • Draw Cross Section with unlimited number of layer & calculate quantity on user preference.
  • Quantity sheet with verification.
  • Use unlimited number of user defines template in cross section.
  • Full support for Auto Cad. Auto Cad files (.dwg) can be opens, edit & saved.
  • Works with any printer & plotter with print preview.
  • PCC(Profile Corrective Course).
  • Ability to use unlimited number of work layers which are proposed based on design requirements.
  • Draw Longitude Section (L-Section).
  • Fast & accurate methods of interpolation.
  • User defines side slope with berms.
  • Drainage and Retaining wall.
  • Full featured CAD Editor with all the drafting tools.
  • Auto Print facility to print number of page with user defines preference at once.
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The Ever growing Multi-Feature Software. Fastest, User Frendaily , Generate top quality modern design trends.