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Roadway design criteria and technology is a rapidly changing field of civil engineering. In a road alignment changes in direction are often necessary due to restrictions imposed by topography, environmental and ecological qualities of areas, presence of monuments, sites of structure and other consideration such as available of land. For convenient, safe and pleasant travel on the road these directions have to be achieved by Horizontal & Vertical curve in the alignment. Implementing curve on the site require grater tool to support for. At that point user requires modern software to accomplish these tasks. SOLE Road Design (SRD) automatically generates both horizontal and vertical curve yet provide feature to achieve user desired value for the curve. It also cover all the survey & planning requirement like contour, traverse, route survey, topographical survey, revenue survey, mining, city survey, railways, canal, airfield runways, Pipeline etc. It is a completely new generation program that use modern programming tools and planning techniques. The modern code and the evolved structure of the program guarantee the development during time and the exploitation of each new technology which will become available in the future. A well-designed interface and comprehensive feature bring out the entire job instantly with some clicks. Following are some feature of software…

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