SOLE Maintenance Terms & Conditions

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After purchase of a new SOLE software product, you will receive a 360-day Maintenance Agreement at without charge. After the end of the 360-day period, you will receive a renewal notice on registered mail or contact number to keep your Maintenance Agreement active.
(Please note that the complimentary 360-day Agreement applicable on new software purchases only, not to upgrades .)

Support -:  Technical Support, which may be via telephone, e-mail or through online support
Software Update -:  Eligible updates, enhancements, and interim releases without charges.
Dongle protection -:  Fully insured hardware protection lock to run software.

Now you are in the AMC period, the software asks for the reactivation 3 to 4 times in a year. You just have to send the request code by clicking on the Send Request Code button (Internet connection required), or you can SMS or mail the Request Code to us. SOFTBIZ instantly send you the reactivation code. Remember that, software does not stop working immediately. It flashes the message 3 to 4 days, before the software stop working. So that you can reactivate the software as per your convenience.

  • If you register complaint regarding lost of dongle, in that case you have to pay only the amount of the hardware lock(Dongle), that is Rs. 5000/-, instead of full software cost, SOFTBIZ will issue the new dongle. SOFTBIZ will de-activate lost dongle and will not activate again at any cost.
  • Complaint must be sent via your registered e-mail account only.

AMC(Annual Maintenance Cost) is not mandatory. If you keeping the Maintenance Agreement active not need paying for upgrades full software cost , our most of customers choose to keep their Maintenance Agreement active.

You will be charged for upgrades your product. The cost of upgrade can be equal to new software price.
You will not receive technical support.
You must pay a minimum 10% of software cost fee per license, if you are eligible for AMC.

A minimum AMC fee 10% of software cost. if you renual your Maintenance Agreement after it lapses. This renual applicable for 1 year.

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